Can I do Push Messages with my App?

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Apps are all about user engagement, and push messages are powerful engagement tools. So we have made sending push messages even easier: deliver messages directly from your app with your own smartphone.

Let’s say you have an event and all attendees should know there is a delay in the program. Don’t start up your laptop or call the Communications Department. Just grab your smartphone, open your event app and send out the message. Traffic jam or detour? Inform your visitors within seconds!

To use push messages (also known as push notifications) you no longer have to login to the app CMS. Simply open the app on your phone and engage with your app users instantly and on the go.

This feature is, as always, free to use.

How to get the new push message feature?

All our apps can activate this new feature easily in our app CMS for apps that already have been published. Just contact us directly via email or phone and we will gladly walk you thru the proccess. You can also use the CMS to define which users can send push messages.

You can keep push messages for later reading as a service for your app users. Normally push messages are gone after reading, but when you add the Push Messages building block, your app will keep showing the last 10 messages.