Native Apps vs Mobile Apps

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An HTML5 app can be used on different operating systems,  both for mobile devices a desktop. You may think of it as mobile a website. Companies who opt for HTML5 may do so because they don’t have someone to manage a native app for their business and may not be .

A Native App is one that you download from the app store and is specifically design to run on a particular device, like Android or IOS (Iphone). Since they are designed for the specific operating system, these apps make the most out of all the features the phone or tablet have to offer. These kinds of apps tend to be better ranked for user experience.

With AMAWords you can make native apps without knowing a thing about programming.

AMAwords’ native apps are faster and user-friendlier than HTML5 apps because they are created using the OS (operating system) smartphones use.

Practically every other solution for making do-it-yourself apps uses HTML5. Every time you activate apps of that kind, you have to download all the web content first. That limits their interactivity and it makes them slower. So they’re a lot less enjoyable to use than native apps.

AMAwords makes Native Apps.