April 14, 2016

Content Management Improves Visibility


Your site looks great, but you don't get enough visits. That means you need Content Management to help optimize your site. The sitemap and the consistent creation of relevant content will make search engines find your site easier. AMAwords pays meticulous attention to every detail. Copywriting, titles, links, keywords, graphics, audiovisual materials, format...everything plays an important role in getting the best long-term results in both Google and Bing.

Beyond Content Management, AMAWords cares for your site's future. An important aspect of our Content Management service is that we promote a culture of Search Engine Optimization in your company, as we offer to train your Webmaster on how to optimize any new content your site requires and offer consistent supervision to ensure that the efforts are channeled properly.

AMAWords' Content Management process:


1. Detailed Analysis and Correction of your current content

We will enter your site(s) as "super administrators" and analyze each line of content, including its coding. During this first stage of our Content Management service, we will optimize titles, links, graphics, videos, photos, widgets, pages, text, html5, etc. We will verify and forward the links whose titles are modified for better.

2. Planning and Implementing a Sitemap for Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster

During this Content Management phase, AMAWords will open a Google Search Console account. With it, we will establish an official sitemap to tell Google where to find your relevant content. The same is done with the Bing Webmaster console.

3. Automated posts to Linkedin and Google Plus Business

AMAWords will open your Google Plus for Business account and  automate the  process to post simultaneously on Google Plus Business and Linkedin so you don't have to double the work each time you create new content. Good content management must be on top of the site's visit progress; we will add Google Analytics to the site to receive traffic reports pages weekly.

4. Technical Analysis and Improvement of Mobility Responsiveness

We set your page to get the optimum response on these devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Mobile site positioning on search engines is a major key to increasing the traffic to your site. An excellent mobile presence is becoming even more important than desktop web presence every day.

5. Develop main Keywords to focus on the services you offer

We will evaluate what are the main keywords that describe your service so that people searching for what you can offer can find your site easier. During this Content Management process, we will make suggestions for ideal topics for your site to feature.

6. Calendar of English and Spanish posts with quality control tests.

Teamed up with your company's IT specialist, we'll create and handle a list of content the company will publish. With sufficient time ahead, your content will be more attractive and your follower base will grow. Search Engines rank sites with relevant content better and that's where good Content Management helps. If you want to cater to a Spanish-speaking crowd, having Spanish Content Management is crucial so that your clients feel identified with what you offer. Spanish is a very complex language and words that may be offensive in some regions, make no harm in other countries. Our Spanish Content Management team members are native speakers and will convey the message perfectly.

7. Install WordPress Web and Mobile Content Management System for your blog posts.

We can establish WordPress within the existing page, whatever the current system, for posting on the site's blog, with Search Engine Optimization Plugins so that every post is optimized for Google and Bing.

8. Make a list of potential sites to get inbound links.

We'll investigate and search for relevant sites and seek contact to introduce them to what you do and the content you've created. It's good to have other sites reference your site; engines consider you have more people talking about you and, therefore,  you're worth the search.

9. Plan for your business' email blasts.

Getting your engaged with your business is very important, as well as having your prospects close the deal. Email blasts (done right) will increase the traffic to your site and you'll get more chances to showcase what you offer. We'll select the content to start your email campaigns and then format the layout for optimal email click through results. 

10. Maintenance, Supervision, and Quality Control

By reaching this stage, the communication department in your company, or your IT specialist knows how to post relevant content to your site. We will follow up and review the content to make sure everything is running smoothly. Continuity is very important for Content Management to be effective.

AMAwords provides you with content management to get top results from your web marketing strategy.

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